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Robust data, on all of your places, simply delivered.

Meet the all new Placecast Visualization Dashboard. Delivering insights into millions of places anytime you need them

Visualize visitation data to places of all sizes, shapes, time frames, and more.


Understand who is visiting your places by week, day, hour and by year. Analyze how marketing efforts, holiday’s, seasonality and community events affect your business.


Get a macro-level view on all your business locations, competitor locations, and regional areas of interest in one dashboard. Analyze your core demographics, consumer behaviors and foot traffic trends to plan your business on reliable location data. 


Understand who is visiting your locations by gender, race, income, ethnicity, along with how long they stay and how frequently they visit. Understand who your core customer is and more importantly, who you may be missing. 

Behavioral Insights

 Understand your customer on a deeper level to develop promotions, partnerships, offers and events that resonate. Get insights into how they shop, what they drive, where they like to eat, how long they commute, and much more.

Trade Areas

Get an accurate account of where your customers come by zip code, county, DMA, and state. Narrow your marketing efforts on where your core customers reside to maximize impact.

Competitive Analysis

Get insights on your competitors by staying on top of visitation, demographic, and market share trends. Level-up your business growth plans with accurate visitation intelligence to dominate your region and revenue goals. 

Data Access

Access through a simple platform, purchase through our data delivery partners, or via API. Integrate into your business tools to deliver robust reporting and location analysis. 

Who is the Placecast Dashboard For?

Direct Mail Houses​

Tourist Destinations

Commercial Developers

Retail Media Networks​

OOH Agencies

Digital Marketers

Tourism Boards

Radio Groups


We’re here to help you turn data into dollars.

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Learn how our robust AND reliable population intelligence can help you make more confident business decisions.

Place-Based Networks​

Event Analysis

Tourism Efforts

Travel Destinations


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